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Overseas Studies CRM software is an integrated platform for managing application procedures, lead management, and various agents or referrals for abroad studies consultants. You no longer need numerous platforms and tools to manage your agency. A single platform will meet all of your operational and business demands, and much more. This is an industry-wide platform that brings together all stakeholders, including students, agents, and referrals, and gives value to each. Overseas study CRM creates an inclusive ecosystem for business studies abroad.

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Features of Education CRM Software


Impressive customizable dashboard with all categories crisply displayed and optimized for simple access..

Lead management

Reach out to wide users, qualify the incoming leads, analyze, follow up, and assist to convert new business.

User management

Managing software users' data, Assigning duties and responsibilities, as well as demographic information, and faculty representatives.

Student Enroll

Students' information and course type. Each one can be identified, communicated with, and analyzed by the administrator..

Test Management

This was how the total process fit. Course, package, batch allocation, attendance, materials, and assessment information.

Admin manager

Assisting students in selecting their ideal university, admission, education, and course qualities.

Report management

Administrators can view and generate reports on students, users, billing details, and canceled bills.

Billing Manager

Numerous payment choices, effective invoice preparation, and discounting.


Provides material and supplier information. If they provided a material? Everyone received their materials on time? It contains all of the solutions..


hare a student list with faculty and import and export from and to the program.

Quick leads

a simple approach for collecting information from the student. and as well as information of the faculty who guide them to submit. .


Quickly create and administer a lead generation campaign in universities and events. Campaign URL that can be shared.


Pre-scheduling for the proper workflow that won't push you into a hefty situation. Faculty can be assigned batch-wise to students for further processing.

Lead follow-up

Assign a particular lead to faculty to follow up on the lead to make sure to convert a business and also student get a proper guidence.

Bill follow-up

overall billing report will be generated to see a particular student’s joined course, billing, pending amounts, and discount details.

QR code Campaign

Easily generatable QR code. while campaigning in the institute, QR code helps students to direct to the page to fill up the lead form.

Self Lead Campaign

Faculties can able to run a separate campaign by generating a URL that is sharable to students

Student/Staff Login

Separate login and separate impressive dashboard for both students and faculty. Both have their required features and options there.

Student and Staff Chat Option

Using the CRM to communicate, interact, and exchange messages. Faculty and students can communicate with one another.

Staff and Admin Chat Option

The CRM is used to communicate, interact, and exchange messages. Faculties and administration are able to communicate with one another.

Bulk Data Upload

Information obtained from off-campaign, student details can be transferred into the CRM in minutes. .

Particular assign option

The admin can allocate a certain student's lead to a specific faculty for a better and faster follow-up process.

Time table

Time management is essential for success. Distribution of classes, dates, batches, students, and instructors that seems to be feasible in CRM.

Course & batch management

Allocating and following up on batches for students based on their course, as well as allocating a professional faculty to them according to the schedule.


these two ways are integrated into the crm for communicating and follow-up. Reports, Feedback, etc.,

Fees Management

Types of courses, fees of course, and which student studies the which course like all the details can be handled.

Data Management

The management of data is key to the success of educational software. Our experts developed using cutting-edge MySQL techniques.

Institute Details

After clearing academics, students have the choice of institutions based on their performance. Can able to see which institute is best for them.

Invoice Generation

Invoices serve as legally enforceable agreements. Automated invoice generation for each payment with fast downloading options.

Payments Options

Multiple payment options make a feasible way for students. Fast connecting server payment transactions without any errors.

Performance Report

Faculties Can analyze and handle each and every student based on their performance with the help of a performance report.

Attendance Management

Faculty can easily track and mark their student presence and absents in their class section.

Student inquiry

Receiving a student inquiry is complicated but not with our CRM software. Our CRM software makes you receive a student inquiry without any hurdles.

Salient features of Overseas education consultant software

In the fast-growing competitive world, prominent features play a main role in CRM. Our overseas education CRM makes you unique with our prominent features. .

Maximum productivity with minimum use

Let us dispel the idea that CRMs are exclusively used for data entry. CRM is designed to help you get more done in less time. Automation your workflow, productivity, process, campaigns, student journey, and more so you can focus less on software and more on connections.

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Integrate Education CRM for your business

We are here to make your business feasible!

Our cutting-edge made overseas CRM education software makes you seamlessly proper data handling, analyzing, reporting, guiding, and improving student& faculty relationships.

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